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This wasn’t a lucky accident. It took two years of research and development involving half a dozen of the world’s best surfers and most skilled designers to reach this point, where HYFI is now the pinnacle of surfboard construction to date. Precision engineered to be faster, stronger and lighter than anything else out there. Welcome to the future.


One of the most versatile surfboard models in the world.

This is the board that gives you the greatest chance for maximum fun and peak performance in all conditions. It’s by far our most popular surfboard globally, and in HYFI, it’s only getting better.


More spring. More speed. More acceleration.

As soon as he jumped on his first HYFI, Dusty was already raving about it, especially after scoring a near-perfect ride at Snapper on one in his very first CT heat of the year: “The projection you get from all the spring that it holds is incomparable. You can’t really match it with any other board! It’s easily up there with the most fun equipment I’ve ever ridden.”

Here’s more from Dusty: “At the start I was flying into the lip a lot quicker than I expected, but once I had that worked out, it was a massive bonus! You can look at places on the wave 2 that you wouldn’t have imagined getting to before. With these boards and the projection they provide off the bottom, I was flying through sections that I didn’t think I could make.”


HYFI has been pushed to its absolute limits, from giant airs in average waves to serious beatings in heavy water. After our extensive series of tests we know it’s stronger than standard PU construction. But somehow, even the most impressive numbers don’t quite explain how a surfboard can survive being treated like it was by our team throughout the entire R&D process.


20% lighter than standard PU construction, HYFI has been perfected at TEAM WEIGHT.

We weigh every single board, and the consistency is there for you to be confident that your new HYFI will be the exact same weight as whatever high-performance prototype is being ridden by Joel or Julian at the time.


The world's best surfers talking about why they love the new tech.


View and purchase all HYFI models here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I look after my HYFI?
  • Be careful with your HYFI, both in and out of the water! Although they're much stronger and more durable than normal PU surfboards, they're not indestructible.
  • Don't leave it in the sun. No surfboard deals well with a lot of excess heat.
  • Ensure any minor dings are fixed with epoxy resin.

If you can tick these few simple boxes then there's a great chance your HYFI will be your best friend for a long, long time. Enjoy!

Should I change my dimensions or volume when choosing a HYFI board?

Throughout the development of HYFI, during which the team tried dozens of prototypes in a range of different models, they found their boards worked best in standard dimensions. While the EPS core and epoxy elements of the construction do add a small degree of extra flotation, testers like Dusty Payne (see his clip for more info) felt it was only just enough to notice a slight increase in buoyancy and ease of paddling, but not enough to warrant making any changes to dimensions or overall volume.

It's also worth noting that the rails in the HYFI range are slightly lowered compared to the standard PU Blak Box 2s, which serves to make it even easier for you to ride your normal dimensions in the new tech.

Where can I find HYFI Surfboards?

For a list of Australian core stores and American core stores check out our stockists below:


Which models are available in HYFI?

We've been working hard to bring out a range of models in HYFI as stock, which are now available both in core stores and online. Along with these current favourites that you'll find in stores, the rest of our range from the Summer Series, X Series and Performer Series can also be perfected at your specification in the new tech, via HYFI custom order. Also available both in core stores and online via any model page.


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