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Monsta 6 Youth

The Best All-Round Performer Just Got Better
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Custom Order - *PU - this size is 10 weeks from completion order now

*HYFI/EPS CARBON FUSION - this size is 14 - 16 weeks from completion order now
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The Best All-Round Performer Just Got Better

Finally, after 3 years of enjoying the Monsta 3, Iʼve managed to create an advanced update that our team is really happy with! Monsta 6 is the brand new update of our best seller the M3.

I have worked closely with Parko, Julian, Owen, Ace and Dusty on new variations of the Monsta 3 since well before the Quik Pro in March 2015, which has led to the final product design of the M6. From Julian’s magic shortboard that took him to the infamous Jbay final, to Joel’s absolute favourites from the last 6 months, a lot went into this one.

It features slightly deeper concave overall and a smoother continued rocker compared to the previous Monsta’s. To compliment all of this I’ve added a touch more curve in the tail rocker with fractionally fuller/softer rails. All of these subtle changes - based on feedback from the Traktor Team and mates that surf all week have resulted in the best Monsta yet!

Wave type Features Concave
monsta 6 squash Features

Wave type

MONSTA 6 is one of the world’s most versatile surfboards. It has the perfect blend of speed, drive and release in the majority of waves you’re likely to find around the globe. It’s the board of choice for many of the world’s best surfers, from QS contests in small, average surf to elite CT events at dreamy locations like Jbay – and it’s been on the podium at all of them.




The secret of the M6 is in the rocker. It’s taken years of the most enjoyable R&D you can imagine with a range of the best surfers in the world to refine the curves in the M6, which provides the perfect balance of drive and release in a large range of conditions. The combination of a slight entry rocker and medium exit rocker are a proven performer.

Fin setup

M6 comes stock as a thruster. Alternative setups are available with custom orders.

Glassing specs

M6 is glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom (All sizes come standard with Hybrid Fibre tail strips))

Rail type

M6 has medium rails, providing a forgiving ride if conditions are less than ideal, but still allowing unlimited performance.



Monsta 6 features a single concave starting at the nose running into a double concave beginning in front of the fins. Compared to the M3, the concave between the feet and through the fins is slightly deeper, providing easy manoeuvrability while still giving the board maximum lift and speed.

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