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Owen's Quik Pro Epic

If you can properly consider where Owen's come from a year, a month and even a week before winning 2017's Quiksilver Pro, there's no doubt it's one of the greatest and most inspiring comebacks you'll ever see in any sport, let alone surfing. His off-season and lead up to this year's Championship Tour might have been relatively short, but with O being so enthusiastic about surfing again and having so much appreciation for the whole process, he was able to rapidly dial in boards with JS while also building his confidence and muscle memory to the point where he's now number one in the world. Of course, this is a huge high point in O's comeback, but you also get the feeling it's just the beginning of a long and happy story. More insight, below: 

Owen's Winning QuikPro Board from JS INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

Exactly the type of fast, yet critical backside surfing that led O all the way to the podium! Photo Ryan Miller

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