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Lowers Lights Up

Full of confidence, Julian was throwing everything at the first section every time he took off. Nose picked, mid-rotation, one foot on the board... all control. Photo Trevor Moran

From dominating at Teahupo'o on Forget Me Nots, to throwing down some of the performances of the event so far at Trestles on his Air 17s, Jules' mid-year momentum looks unstoppable. Some of his go-to Air 17s in this new Lowers quiver are 6'0" x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 28.2, geared with his signature FCS template in large. Photo Ryan Miller

Jeremy, on fire with a torque & technique masterclass. Photo Trevor Moran

Same Jezza, same board, but twice the size of yesterday. It pays to have a good all-rounder! Monsta 6, 5'9 1/2" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 24.6L (he's 5'9" / 68kg). Photo Ryan Miller

Freddy, powering straight through to the quarters. Photo Trevor Moran

While Fred rode a 6'2" Forget Me Not in almost everything at solid JBay, the range of conditions so far at Lowers have him reaching for the same Monsta 6 in his slightly thicker/wider shortboard dims - 6'0 1/2" x 19" x 2 7/16" x 28.7L (he's 6'1" / 81kg). Photo Ryan Miller

Ace, laying rail on his forehand en route to a big win over Wiggolly in round three. Photo Trevor Moran

Like most of the team, as Lowers gets bigger and better Ace is sticking with his favourite all-rounder. Right now, it's a HYFI Monsta 6, and it's giving that razor sharp backhand even more spring than ever before. Photo Trevor Moran Just like his shortboard in HYFI that he used on the way to making the final in Brazil, this Monsta 6 in our new tech is Ace's go-to so far in California - 5'10" x 18 5/8" x 2 5/16" x 25.5L (he's 5'9" / 76kg). Photo Ryan Miller

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