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Can An Alt-Board Guy Learn To Ride A Modern Thruster?

An instant classic from STAB, "The Mysterious Affair" is designed to showcase everything that happens when one of the best freesurfers in the world on alternate and retro equipment picks up a high performance shortboard. Considering Harrison Roaches' natural talent and tireless work ethic across an almost all types of waves and surfboards, we weren't too surprised with the results. But, it was incredible to see honest feedback from Harry as he clearly enjoyed the Raging Bull and found it to be every bit the forgiving, versatile all-rounder we designed it to be for absolutely everyone.

Harrison Roach (5'10" / 178cm & 159lbs / 72kg)

Raging Bull
5'10" x 19" x 2 7/16" x 28.4L

"It ended up probably going the best out of all of them. So, well done to JS for knowing me better than I know myself. I probably did the best rail surfing I've done on a board for a long time. And then, when the waves started pumping, this one worked just as good as any of them. When it was fully pumping... It was fucking fantastic."

*On making a board for this project, the only advice we were given is that Harry "likes volume under the chest". So, given the Raging Bull's foam distribution allowing JS to hide extra volume there, while foiling out to a relatively low rail (similar to our other models in EasyRider dimensions), he shaped a 5'10" with the stock 5'9" width and thickness. Most surfers around this size would just go with the stock 5'9" - Harry's just taller than average for how light he is. And while this is a touch more litres than an advanced surfer around his weight could ride, the rail shape allows the board to maintain quick response, with the advantages of extra paddle power and flow. The best of both worlds, making it a winner in our eyes and Harry's. 

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