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Giving back from every online sale with i = change

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 3:58:41 pm Australia/Sydney

After a tough year in which we've received more than enough support to safely come through the other side, we've decided to partner with an incredible organisation called i = Change to contribute a small portion of our online sales in Australia to charities who make the world a better place. For more details on the initiative, and how funds are distributed, check out the video and explanation below:

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Traktor Team headed to Hawaii

Thursday, 26 November 2020 10:08:35 am Australia/Sydney

After a long stint at home, most of the Traktor Team are heading to Hawaii with everything from fishes and shortboards to step ups and guns along for the ride. JS finished off batches of FMNII round pins for everyone just in time - the most ridden model each and every Hawaiian season. Pictured - JW's Pipe quiver. 

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Conner's Texas Trip

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 11:28:29 am Australia/Sydney

With a batch of fresh boards, Conner jumped on a quick trip to Texas with his brother, dad and a few good friends to check out the now infamous Waco wave pool. And alongside plenty of hefty punts on the end section, we definitely found it refreshing to see Conner's heavy footed, rail burying approach compared to most of the other clips we've seen out of there this year. Clip & board breakdowns, below.

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Stab No Contest - with Julian Wilson

Tuesday, 6 October 2020 3:54:44 pm Australia/Sydney

With the Tweed Coast Pro kicking off the first of three World Surf League Countdown Series Events, STAB’s Australian No Contest host Danny heads north to meet up with Julian Wilson to see his offseason cross training and impressive motocross skills.

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Can An Alt-Board Guy Learn To Ride A Modern Thruster?

Monday, 14 September 2020 1:49:00 pm Australia/Sydney

An instant classic from STAB, "The Mysterious Affair" is designed to showcase everything that happens when one of the best freesurfers in the world on alternate and retro equipment picks up a high performance shortboard. Considering Harrison Roaches' natural talent and tireless work ethic across an almost all types of waves and surfboards, we weren't too surprised with the results. But, it was incredible to see honest feedback from Harry as he clearly enjoyed the Raging Bull and found it to be every bit the forgiving, versatile all-rounder we designed it to be for absolutely everyone.

Board breakdowns, below:

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What Happens When Conner Coffin Rides 5 Stock Surfboards?

Friday, 31 July 2020 1:49:05 pm Australia/Sydney

Stab's latest series 'Off The Rack' featuring Conner Coffin. With quarantine in effect, Stab swung through JS's Carlsbad warehouse and picked out a few bone stock 2020 models that had arrived from Aus just before the pandemic set in.

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Board Talk with Conner on Surfline

Wednesday, 8 July 2020 11:21:24 am Australia/Sydney

Conner, as candid and honest as ever, breaking down some of his thoughts about joining the Traktor Team during an interview with Surfline:

What went into your decision to switch over to JS?

"Last year, I rode one of Ace Buchan’s boards at J-Bay and it felt really good. I had never really ridden any other boards my entire life, besides Channel Islands. I felt like I had been there so long, and I kinda needed to mix it up a little bit. We had been trying to make some new boards at CI for a while, and I wasn’t exactly getting the results I wanted – not in competition, but just the way the boards felt.

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Welcome to the Traktor Team Conner Coffin

Friday, 26 June 2020 10:24:00 am Australia/Sydney

San Diego, CA. June 25, 2020.

JS Industries is proud to welcome Conner Coffin to the Traktor Team.

The WSL standout, and current world number 20, has signed on exclusively with JS surfboards. Coffin, 26, made the decision to ride Jason Stevenson’s boards full time during an off season where the Santa Barbara native was able to commit to extensive R&D in Hawaii, Australia, and around home in California before COVID-19 forced the professional surfing world into an extended hiatus...

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Monsta Box 2020 - What's New?

Thursday, 4 June 2020 12:33:05 pm Australia/Sydney

The Monsta Box is our favourite fusion of all time, so to try and improve such a universally loved design, we kept a lot of the best bits, but found a few subtle yet key changes that we unanimously agreed upon in R&D:

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Build A Board with Parko

Friday, 29 May 2020 11:47:59 am Australia/Sydney

Here's everything that goes into building a board at the JS factory on the Gold Coast, with Joel walking through our HQ to check out each stage. It all starts in the office with Jason in design (and subsequent smack talk), then progresses to choosing blanks, cutting, shaping, adding fin plugs, glassing, sanding and spraying. And then of course, surfing.

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