D.O.B: 16-Nov-1979

Height: 5'10 (178cm)

Weight: 165lbs (76kg)

Stance: Natural

Born: Oahu, Hawaii

Resides: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

Favourite Wave Types: Backdoor/Pipe.. Any waves with big barrels or good ramps.

Career Highlights:
2001: 1st Pipe Masters
2004: 1st Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau
2008: 1st WCT Rip Curl Pro Search
2005: #3 Surfer of the Year, Surfer Poll Awards
2005: Best Performance by a Male, The Bruce Movie- Surfer Poll Awards
2005: Video of the Year , The Bruce Movie- Surfer Poll Awards
2005: 1st The Mr. Price Pro, Durban, South Africa (WQS)
2008: # 7 Surfer Poll Awards
2009: #10 Surfer Poll Awards

Volcom clothing, Oakley Eyewear, Red Bull, DaKine, JS Surfboards, Body Glove wetsuits, Nixon watches, Kinetik Racing Fins


The name Bruce Irons is synonymous with innovation, progression and style in surfing. He is an icon of the anti-establishment movement within the sport and is a hero to frothing grommets all over the world. With his signature film, aptly titled “The Bruce Movie”, his long standing reputation as an aerial cowboy and a Banzai Pipeline master, Irons had secured his spot in surfing lore long before cracking the competitive scene. After a shaky rookie season in 2004, which saw him re-qualify through last minute heroics at his beloved Pipe, Bruce then came full circle in 2005 to finish an impressive 9th.

After a solid 5 years on tour, which included taking out the Quiksilver Eddie contest in Hawaii and the Rip Curl search event in 2008, Bruce has decided to take a step back from the world tour in 2009 and continue with his free surfing and take his surfing to another level. Stay tuned, as we have not seen the last of Bruce Irons.

To get your hands on the boards that Bruce is currently riding, check out the signature model page.