Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jordy Smith recently attended the Red Bull Super trip in the Mentawai's and landed one of the best Rodeo Flips on record. Check out the footage here and find out what the rest of the Red Bull family had to say about it.

Parko Wins Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yep, that is two Contests in a row that Parko was won, and has now set him self up a handy lead over his fellow tour surfers on the ASP World Tour. Parko has claimed the 2009 Rip Curl Pro defeating fellow finalist Adam Robertson, trials winner and event wildcard, in pumping six-foot (2 metre) conditions at Bells Beach. 

The second stop on the 2009 ASP World Tour, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach enjoyed pristine conditions for the business end of competition, with capacity crowds turning up to watch the current ASP World No. 1 battle the local Victorian in a historic Final. 

Today's victory marks the second time Parkinson has hoisted the bell (the first being in 2004), and the reputation and acclaim associated with the iconic event is something every surfer dreams of.

"Winning at home is probably the most special win you can have but this is the most special trophy you can have," Parkinson said. "There is not another trophy in surfing that holds the prestige and honor list that this has. To be back on the trophy again and to hold it for a year is going to be amazing."

Parkinson's win today makes it two for two thus far on the 2009 ASP World Tour ratings, cementing the stylish natural-footer's place atop the ratings in the hunt for the ASP World Title.

"I took confidence from home and now from here I'll take more," Parkinson said. "People can get caught up in the whole world title race, but I always said I wanted start the year with some results - I just never thought I would start this well. There are a lot of really hungry, angry surfers that are behind me and will come out so strong in the next events. I'm just showing up to the next event with my same game plan and taking things step by step. I've said since the Gold Coast that the World Title is a marathon, not a sprint. There are still eight events."

While Robertson opened up strong, it was Parkinson's forehand flair and precision that saw the Gold Coaster net an impressive 17.40 out of a possible 20 heat total for the win.

"Robbo (Adam Robertson) and I were having a great time out there," Parkinson said. "We were talking about what it takes to win and having a wonderful Final. I have to really pay Robbo a huge compliment because of his effort out here. For a wildcard and coming through the trials, he surfed so many heats, (I think nine) and what's he accomplished is just so admirable."

Jordy Smith takes 3rd Place at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Friday, April 17, 2009

Although Parko stole the limelight at the Rip Curl Pro this year with his  second win, it is worth pointing out that Jordy Smith surfed his way through to the Semi finals of the Rip Curl pro, earning himself third place in the event, and 3rd place on the ASP World Tour standings. Jordy is hitting some brilliant form right now, and is definitely a major threat early in the piece. 

Jordy was eliminated from the Rip Curl in a close battle with fellow JS Industries team mate Joel Parkinson. Keep your eye on Jordy coming into the Billabong Pro in Tahiti, as he is surfing with a lot of confidence and power after his assault on the Rip Curl Pro and taking out the O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Tasmania. 

Bruce Irons Giveaway

Monday, April 13, 2009

Want to win a Bruce Irons pack including a surfboard? The guys at Transworld Surf in the USA have put together an amazing collection of Bruce Irons clobber and a JS surfboard, and it could be yours. All you have to do is click below to get to the Transworld website and follow the instructions. SWEEEEET!"


That Alley-Oop...Parko Scores Another Cover!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes that is right, Parko has scored another surf magazine cover. It seems that he has been busy lately, and has the cover of ASL, Waves, Tracks and Transworld Surf all within the same month.

During the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast, it was rumored that Parko pulled off one of the best Alley oops to date. Well, looks like that rumor has now been confirmed, and the boys at Waves gave Joel the cover to reward him for his efforts. Check out the sequence here or buy the latest Waves to check it out.

Stay tuned for the remaining Parko covers.

Jordy Smith Wins ASP WQS 6-Star O'Neill Cold Water Classic Tasmania

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well, it hasn't taken our boy long to come up with the goods since he signed on with the JS Industries family. Jordy Smith has taken out the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star O'Neill Cold Water Classic Tasmania in pumping surf at Bluff Reef, defeating fellow ASP Dream Tour traveler Damien Hobgood in the Final.

In solid 8-foot swell, offshore winds, Smith and Hobgood showed just why they are two of the top ASP World Tour surfers at the moment.

"It was good to get a win," Smith said. "It's been a while. Damo's been ripping this whole event. I looked up to him as a kid so it's great to be out there with one of your heroes." 

Smith had blazed his way to the Finals, knocking out the phenomenal Australian talent of Owen Wright in the Quarterfinals before an exciting close Semifinal heat against the Brazilian Jadson Andre.

"I've had the greatest time here in Tasmania, it's been just amazing with such powerful surf and fun people in this remote location" said Smith after his win. 

"I always enjoy surfing waves that offer power and here in Tasmania every wave you surf is straight out of the deep southern waters and the power just makes for great surfing, I love it."

Yeah Jordy!!

Joel Parkinson Claims Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in Solid Conditions at Kirra

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Images by Billabong/Tim Jones

That's right, Parko has won the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast presented by LG Mobile, defeating fellow finalist Adriano de Souza (BRA), 22, in solid six-to-eight foot (3 metre) surf at Kirra.

Parkinson, 2 times winner of the Quik Pro Gold Coast, was fearless from the outset in the hard-fought final, collecting an excellent 8.83 out of a possible 10 on his opening ride.

"That first wave was a good one but I came down funny on the floater and buckled my board," Parkinson said. "I came in and just got energized when I heard the score and everyone on the beach really pumped me up. The crowd is awesome. There are so many people. Down here you don't really see it, but from the water you can see the crowd on the hill and all along Coolangatta and even down Kirra Point. I could hear them roaring - it was amazing."

The hometown favorite would return to the lineup to collect a bevy of high scores, including a 7.50 and an 8.17, before nailing his second perfect 10 of the day, pushing his heat total to an unsurpassable 18.84 out of a possible 20.

"I was thinking it has been a long time between drinks [ASP World Tour event wins]," Parkinson said. "Until the hooter blew, I didn't know what emotion to feel. It's the kind of thing where you're surrounded by a lot of people and it's not until you pull yourself back and you're together with family and friends, that's really when you feel all of your emotions. Right now I'm on a high and I'm buzzing, it will be a few hours to let it all sink in."

Parkinson now sits a top the ASP World Tour ratings, in excellent position for his 2009 campaign for the ASP World Title.

Check out videos at the Quiksilver event site

Parko sets Hawaii alight with new JS mystery board

Monday, March 09, 2009

The guys at Surfing World sat down and interviewed Parko and asked him about the mystery board he was riding at Pipe.The 5'8" x 19 1/4 x 2 1/8' Swallow tailed JS twin fin with trailer was the second most talked about board in Hawaii next to Slater's Hybrid. Stay glued to the JS website to find out more about this board in coming months, as it will be in stores soon. In the meantime, check out this amazing craft and what Parko had to say to the Surfing World team.

Coastal Watch Story


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The website for our newest team member, Jordy Smith from South Africa, has gone live today. Jordy is currently in Australia for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast presented by LG and has been hanging with the team at JS while refining his quiver. The website features sick video and photo sections of Jordy ripping all over the world. There is a news section that will keep interested parties in the loop as to where Jordy is in the world and what he is up to.  Find Jordy's profile, biography, as well as his growing list of sponsors on the site, all to the sound of some his favourite tunes.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check the latest issue of ASL (April 09 issue) and you will see Parko gracing the cover. Parko has kicked off 09 with an intense training regime and is blowing minds with his off season surfing, so in turn was kindly rewarded by the Ed team at Surfing Life with a glossy cover shot and an interview. With a quiver of what JS calls 'the best boards I have ever shaped for Parko' and the man himself in peak physical condition, expect to see big things from him on tour this year.

ASL' Chris Binns took the time to sit down with Parko and see what has been going on for the last few months, and to see what is fueling this focused approach to the 09 season. To read the interview (titled 'Angling for the Crown'), you will have to purchase the magazine. Sorry gang, but we are not allowed to let the cat out of the bag!. Until then, check out the cover and opening page.